Watch an informative tour of our prototype De Lux River model

Watch as Carl walks through multiple aspects of the building process

New Clips From Our Most Recent Builds

Our friends at Tiny Home Expedition were kind enough to feature tours of two of our recent builds – The De Lux 20′ and Suite Spot River – on their youtube channel. In these tours our customers explain the design of their Relevant container home and give us an inside look of the interior of their structure. Check out the videos below!

New Winter Open House Schedule

With many new exciting projects in the works, we have decided to continue our highly requested Open House through the Fall. The event will entail a self-guided tour of the model homes located at our Oregon City location. The models showcased at this location will include the Ramona 40′, Teahouse 20′, Suite Tea, SADU-City 20′, and the Park Model. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Kenton Women's Shelter

In 2019 we helped build the communal kitchen and showering spaces for the Kenton Women’s Village. We partnered with Catholic Charities of Oregon to offer a solution to houselessness by providing transitional housing for women who are financially disabled or homeless, a growing problem with the rapidly rising cost of living. The village includes 20 sleeping pods and a communal shower and kitchen space for the residents. Most excitingly, since moving to the village, 39 women have moved into permanent housing, 31 have started jobs, and 41 have developed income.

For more information, click HERE to visit Catholic Charities’ Website.

What Does The Building Process Look Like for a De Lux?

The De Lux series is a part of our ‘Hybrid’ model options, which includes both container and stick-built portions. The model blends steel shipping containers with wood to create a modern, but rustic design. The 12- to 13-foot ceilings that “bridge” two shipping containers and the clearstory windows provide a light, open concept and airy aesthetic to the main living area which gives it a contemporary Northwest sense of style. 

Because this is a hybrid model, our building process is a bit different than the other designs we offer. Typically, we build the water-tight shells in our shop which includes all architectural and engineering drawings, license to permit and build locally, steel work complete, windows and exterior doors installed, plywood floor covering, exterior wall framed, vents installed through exterior walls, and exterior paint. While the container portion is being built in our shop, a local contractor will be installing the foundation and utility hook-up. The center (bridge) portion of the De Lux, which connects the two shipping containers and fully encloses the home, will also need to be constructed on site by a local contractor or savvy homeowners after the shipping containers are placed and the high walls are installed. 

Check Out This Virtual Tour of a De Lux 45'

Suite Tea Model

New Model Alert! This bright and spacious 998 sq ft. home is an extended version of our Teahouse 20’ model, which attaches an additional 40′ container alongside the already existing 40′ module. It is fully equipped with vinyl floors, quartz countertops, kitchen appliances and grand windows that allow the sun to light up the home. Although it is similar to the layout of the Teahouse 20’ with an open kitchen and dining area, it also has one additional bathroom, two extended bedrooms nearly double the size of those in the original Teahouse, and a large storage closet for a more commodious feel. If requested, home buyers can make subtle customizations to the floor plan in order to accommodate the space to their needs. For example, the storage closet could be converted into a full-size walk in laundry room. For more details, check out this model on the ‘Our Models’ page and fill out an inquiry form on our ‘Tour/Contact’ page to schedule a consultation. Pricing on this model is to be determined.

Portland Youth Builders

We are so excited to share our new partnership with Portland Youth Builders which gives their students an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the construction industry. Portland Youth Builders is a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of young people change their lives through a combination of education, vocational training, counseling, career development, and long term support.

Why Choose a Relevant Container Home?

  • Durability –  Container homes offer longevity, defense against rot and termites, and the ruggedness, when properly anchored, to stand against severe winds and some fires. Our engineers suggest that a shipping container can withstand wind speeds of up to 135 mph without showing signs of structural damage. For comparison, a tornado with speeds between 111 mph and 165 mph can destroy a traditional stick-built home within seconds. While natural disasters such as a tornado may still damage a container home, it is unlikely to demolish the entire structure.
  • Upcycling – Because these steel containers can provide the basic framework for a home, less energy and traditional building material (like brick or wood) is needed. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, millions of shipping containers are left dormant in U.S. ports every year, adding to the global waste crisis. By repurposing these unused shipping containers into homes, it offers alternative solutions in the effort to house people in today’s world, as well as reduces waste and the unnecessary extraction of natural resources.
  • Smaller footprint – A smaller home means a smaller carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for an estimated 40% of the world’s energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and research indicates that house size is one of the biggest contributors to this pollution. One study of tiny homes in Australia, which has the second-largest houses in the world after the US, found that smaller houses can reduce per-person carbon footprint by an estimated 70 percent over its lifespan compared to traditionally larger homes.
  • Energy Conservation – We insulate our homes with a soy-based closed cell spray foam which is applied to achieve an R value of at least 10% better than what is required by code. This translates to energy savings and comfort for the homeowner owner.
  • Fresh air – Relevant Homes are always provided with ventilators to supply plenty of fresh air to the inhabitants.
  • State Permitting – Our buildings are all permitted by the State so that we can build them in our shop as ‘prefabricated structures’. They are built to the same code as a traditional stick-built house. This permitting and building process helps us to reduce the time on site significantly in comparison to a traditional building project.
  • One stop shop – We offer permitting services as required to secure all permits for the ‘on-site’ portion of our buildings, which is primarily planning approval and foundation permitting. We can take your project from concept to completion.
  • Maintenance – Due to the fact that container homes are made with corten steel and treated with tough marine paint, they are quite easy to maintain and at a lesser cost than a traditional home.
  • Warranty – We offer the traditional one-year warranty on workmanship and materials as well as a three year warranty against water intrusion.

How Do We Prep Your Site Before Installation?

We generally oversee the excavation, foundation installation, placement of the containers, exterior closure between the house and foundation and connection of the units. We normally also complete the utility connections and the underfloor insulation. We typically hire contractors to perform the foundation work and the utility connections as our availability is limited. For the DIY-ers, we can provide you with the material and instructions to finish the unit on your own if you are outside of our working footprint, saving you some money along the way.

De Lux 20'

The De Lux 20’ is a condensed version of our Delux 40’, nearly half the size. With one bedroom, and a sleeping loft, it is designed to fit in a space that warrants something a bit larger than a S-ADU, but still maintains the elegance reminiscent of our other De Lux models. Like others in the De Lux series, this unit has the roof elevated above the shipping container, with more windows to enhance the light, airy aesthetic. With 12 foot ceilings and wood accents, the De Lux 20 provides a modern, open concept and comes fully equipped with appliances.

New Box Car 3

The Box Car 3 is one of many exciting new models we have in the works. This innovative 1,280 sq ft model is a 2-story 2B/2BR with a spacious dining and living room. It also includes a balcony, built in front porch and comes fully equipped with vinyl floors, quartz counter tops and all kitchen appliances. Pricing is to be determined.

New Park Model

New Model Alert! This 399 sq ft. model is a 1BR / 1 Bath with a full-size kitchen and ample space for dining. The unit also comes fully equipped with kitchen appliances, vinyl floors, and quartz countertops. Park model homes are considered recreational vehicles and must be registered with the DMV. This option may be ideal for those who plan to relocate in the future as it is not installed onto a permanent foundation. 

New Office Model

One of our newest models is The Office 750, which is an ideal space for those seeking a spacious, modern and unique alternative to contemporary workplace options. This model is 753 sq. ft. and fully equipped with three private offices, a communal meeting area, and a full size bathroom.

Relevant Buildings Tour with Carl

Carl gives the grand tour of the Relevant Buildings shop, where we refurbish shipping containers into homes, and the beautifully finished model homes that we have on display. Relevant Building Company’s mission “is to make a positive impact on people’s lives by offering sustainable housing options for those who seek a modern way of living that is kind to the earth.” 

– The Art of Elevated Living

Saint Helens Condos

We are so excited to introduce our St. Helens Condos coming Spring 2022! Oregon’s first ever container complex will contain eight 640 sq ft units, each designed to be UBC compliant. These modern and dynamic condos will include   1Bed/1Bath with a beautiful balcony or patio overlooking the 6th Street Park. The light and spacious units will be equipped with vinyl floors, a laundry room, kitchen and private parking. Pricing for these units is to be determined.

De Lux 45'

Although Relevant Buildings is currently only operating in Oregon & Washington, we recently shipped our first De Lux 45′ to Montana! One of our awesome clients, Justin, was able to complete all of the site preparation (excavation, foundation, utility hook-up) and interior work on his own. This project was a special circumstance because Justin was willing to complete most of the construction work with the guidance of our building plans and water-tight container shells from our shop here in Oregon City. 

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