Portland Youth Builders

We are so excited to share our new partnership with Portland Youth Builders which gives their students an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the construction industry. Portland Youth Builders is a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of young people change their lives through a combination of education, vocational training, counseling, career development, and long term support.

Why Choose a Relevant Container Home?

  • Durability Container homes offer longevity, defense against rot and termites, and the ruggedness, when properly anchored, to stand against severe winds and some fires.
  • Upcycling– Creating homes using repurposed shipping containers provides an additional tool in the effort to house people in today’s world.
  • Smaller footprint – A smaller home means a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Energy Conservation – We insulate our homes with a soy-based closed cell spray foam which is applied to achieve an R value of at least 10% better than what is required by code. This translates to energy savings and comfort for the homeowner owner.
  • Fresh air – Relevant Homes are always provided with ventilators to provide plenty of fresh air to the inhabitants.
  • State Permitting – Our buildings are all permitted by the State so that we can build them in our shop as ‘prefabricated structures’. They are built to the same code as a traditional stick-built house. This permitting and building process helps us to reduce the time on site significantly in comparison to a traditional building project.
  • One stop shop – We offer permitting services as required to secure all permits for the ‘on-site’ portion of our buildings, which is primarily planning approval and foundation permitting. We can take your project from concept to completion.
  • Maintenance – Due to the fact that container homes are made with corten steel and treated with tough marine paint, they are quite easy to maintain and at a lesser cost than a traditional home.
  • Warranty – We offer the traditional one-year warranty on workmanship and materials as well as a three year warranty against water intrusion.



Relevant Buildings Tour with Carl

Carl gives the grand tour of the Relevant Buildings shop, where they refurbish shipping containers into homes, and the beautifully finished model homes that they have on display. Relevant Building Company’s mission “is to make a positive impact on people’s lives by offering sustainable housing options for those who seek a modern way of living that is kind to the earth.” 

– The Art of Elevated Living

Saint Helens Condos

We are so excited to introduce our St. Helens Condos coming Spring 2022! Oregon’s first ever container complex will contain eight 640 sq ft units, each designed to be UBC compliant. These modern and dynamic condos will include   1Bed/1Bath with a beautiful balcony or patio overlooking the 6th Street Park. The light and spacious units will be equipped with vinyl floors, a laundry room, kitchen and private parking. Pricing for these units is to be determined.

De Lux 45'

Although Relevant Buildings is currently only operating in Oregon & Washington, we recently shipped our first De Lux 45′ to Montana! One of our awesome clients, Justin, was able to complete all of the site preparation (excavation, foundation, utility hook-up) and interior work on his own. This project was a special circumstance because Justin was willing to complete most of the construction work on his own with the help of our building plans and water-tight container shells from our shop here in Oregon City. Finished photos to come!

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