A condominium complex created out of containers is an option for community living via homeownership vs renting.

This building method is a highly sustainable alternative to standard stick built units. These are the ultimate in upcycling, use dramatically less lumber, are affordable, and incredibly durable.

These are one bedroom, 640 sf units with a target price of $1,200/mo including all ownership costs. We will constantly provide updates as we work to bring one of these projects to completion over the next year.


There is little argument about the structural benefits of these steel containers when properly converted to living units.

Single Family Residence designs with smaller footprints make lots of sense from a structural, environmental, and responsible standpoint where affordability is a consideration but where land is available. However, in urban areas, where land is scarce, we will be generating ideas that reach higher. Shipping Containers have been used to make all kind of esoteric shapes in architectural pursuits of the perfect ‘one off’ designs. But when you standardize a standard container, the result is a lower cost and stronger structure.


Multi-Family Home Made From Shipping Containers