Step 1

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

320 sf (one 40’ containers)

Available to move onto your foundation for $70,000

Keeping economy in mind, we developed a new series of homes that are based on a single 40′ container. These single units come fully finished with a kitchen, appliances, bathroom, heating and A/C. Once these units are completed, simply move it on site, connect your services (water, sewer and electrical), and you are ready to move in. Our Step Series homes offer a similar level of interior finishes, are overstuffed with insulation, and maintain the same durable exterior as our standard homes. There is no compromise on comfort when it comes to these new models.

All Step Series models can easily be stacked two high, connected up with a simple set of stairs, to give you two residences that will fit even the most narrow of lots.


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model 464 square feet