Step 2

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

356 sf (one 40’ containers)

Available to move onto your foundation for $77,500

How did we increase the space on a single 40′ container? We knocked out a wall! The Step 2 has a 3′ x 12′ bump-out welded into the living room area, creating almost 40 additional square feet. This creates a comfortable sitting area, while still maintaining the same well appointed kitchen and generous bathroom. As you’ll find in all our homes, appliances, heating, A/C and other interior finishes are all included with the price. The structure of these units allows them to use a simpler foundation that can save time and money.

All Step Series models can easily be stacked two high, connected up with a simple set of stairs, to give you two residences that will fit even the most narrow of lots.

Other Residential

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

More Info
model 40.3A 900 square feet
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