Step 3

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

392 sf (one 40’ container)

Available to move onto your foundation for $90,000

The biggest of our Step units, this single 40′ container has two bump-outs: One in the living area, one in the bedroom, creating an additional 70s square feet! In addition to the larger size, this home also has a sliding glass door in the living room, giving you the option for an outdoor living space by adding a patio or deck. Comfortable and fully finished, the Step 3 is ideal for maximizing your space with a minimal footprint.

All Step Series models can easily be stacked two high, connected up with a simple set of stairs, to give you two residences that will fit even the most narrow of lots.

Other Residential

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

More Info
model 40.3A 900 square feet
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