The Suite Spot – City

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

690 sf  (Two 40’ containers)

Available to move onto your foundation for $148,000

The name describes it: This size provides the optimum value for your dollar. We love this unit. The crossover design suits a multi-family or stand-alone configuration. The Suite Spot – City offers a modern, open concept and comes fully equipped with appliances. The same size as The Suite Spot – River, this model sports a narrower layout than the River by locating the entrance on the end. This allows you to fit this comfortable home onto narrow city lots without compromising style.

As with all our units, The Suite Spot is Energy Trust compliant and solar ready. Floating awnings can hold solar panels that provide 7 kw of power, which is enough to make this beauty a net-zero energy building.

Other Residential

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

More Info
model 40.3A 900 square feet

Ready to downsize? Need some extra income from an ADU to help with the mortgage?

The Suite Spot could be the answer.

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