Virtual Tour of a De Lux 45′ – DIY Home

August 31, 2021

Although Relevant Buildings is currently only operating in Oregon & Washington, we shipped our first De Lux 45′ to Montana! This DIY home was a special circumstance because this customer is a contractor and was willing to complete most of the construction work with the guidance of our building plans and container shells from our shop here in Oregon City. This customer was able to complete all of the site preparation (excavation, foundation, utility hook-up) and interior work on his own. We think he did an amazing job finishing out his home! 

Embracing the Blend 

Our De Lux 45 is a 3BR/2BATH hybrid model. The beauty of combining stick-built and container construction lies in the balance of tradition and modernity. The solidity of traditional framing intertwines seamlessly with the industrial edge of repurposed shipping containers, creating a visually striking and structurally sound home. Further, the mix of stick-built framing and container construction makes this a great option as a DIY home.