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This unique 2-story 2B/2.5BR is a modern 1,280 sq ft unit that is a spacious, yet compact alternative to contemporary housing. It includes two outdoor living areas as well as an office/work space. Pricing is to be determined.


This innovative 1,280 sq ft unit is a 2-story 2B/2BR. It also includes a balcony and a built in front porch. Pricing is to be determined.


We are so excited to introduce our 7th Street Condos in St. Helens coming Spring 2022! Oregon’s first ever container complex will contain eight 640 sq ft units, each designed to be UBC compliant. These modern and dynamic condos will include 1Bed/1Bath with a beautiful balcony or patio overlooking the 6th Street Park. The light and spacious units will be equip with vinyl floors, a laundry room, kitchen and private parking. Pricing for these units is to be determined.

Suite Teahouse


This bright and open 998 sq ft unit is an extended version of our Teahouse model, equipped with vinyl floors, quartz countertops and grand windows that allow the sun to light up the home. Similar to the layout of the Teahouse, it is a 2 bedroom with a spacious kitchen and dining area, however after taking the feedback from our customers into consideration, we have designed a model with two more bathrooms and extended bedrooms for a more commodious feel. This extension was achieved by attaching an additional 40′ container alongside the already existing 40′ module.