Better Homes & Gardens Article Featuring Relevant Buildings

December 11, 2023

Better Homes & Garden - Relevant Buildings Green Building MaterialWe’re always looking for ways to spread the word about how shipping container homes offer a sustainable option for housing. That’s why when Better Homes & Gardens kindly asked to interview us about shipping container homes as a green building material, we were happy to accept! Their article goes into detail about the rising popularity of container homes, as well as an overview of their pros and cons.

Container homes offer an eco-friendly housing solution for a handful of reasons. Most obviously, perhaps, is the fact that they utilize a recycled material, shipping containers, as their main building component. They no only reduce the amount of wood needed to build a home, but also reduce the amount of construction waste on the site. This is largely because of their ability to be prefabricated in a shop as opposed to built entirely on-site.

Besides the green building material aspect of container homes, other benefits include their durability and their modular nature. The Corten steel of cargo containers is weather-resistant, meaning that it is built to withstand the harsh salty environment that comes with being transported via cargo ships. We recommend painting your container home to maximize its strength and durability. As for their modular nature, containers are intended to be shipped, which means they’re perfect for prefabricating in a shop and then shipping to your property. This can be an option for folks that have a hard time finding local contractors, as the bulk of the work is finished before the home ever reaches your site.

You can read the full article from Better Homes & Gardens by Kristine McGuirk here.

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