Model Spotlight: Park Model

March 16, 2023


This 399 sq ft. model is a 1BR / 1 Bath with a full-size kitchen and ample space for dining. The unit also comes fully equipped with kitchen appliances, vinyl floors, and quartz countertops. Park model homes are considered recreational vehicles and must be registered with the DMV. This option may be ideal for those who plan to relocate in the future as it is not installed onto a permanent foundation. 

 What is a container home Park Model? 

A container home park model is a compact and mobile living space constructed from shipping containers. Unlike traditional container homes, park models are specifically designed to be more portable and are often used in RV parks and mobile home communities. Certain jurisdictions like Portland and Eugene allow homeowners to place park model RVs next to their existing homes as a way to increase affordable housing options. Other areas, like Clackamas County, are considering adopting similar allowances. Park models provide a refreshing alternative for those seeking a more flexible and minimalist lifestyle.  

 The Future of Sustainable Living 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast looking for a mobile cabin or someone seeking a more minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle, container home park models are paving the way for a new era of housing, combining simplicity and style in one compact package.