De Lux River 40′

LEVEL 1: 1,024 sq. ft.

LOFT: 149 sq. ft.

TOTAL: 1,173 SQ FT.

2 BR / 2 Bath (two 40’ containers plus site-built center bridge)

Available as a kit with two fully finished 40′ containers, plus upper structural walls.

This is part of a new hybrid series that has evolved along with a smaller sister – the Ramona. Our hybrid models blend steel shipping containers with wood to create a very attractive design. The 12- to 13-foot ceilings that “bridge” two shipping containers and the clearstory windows provide a light and airy aesthetic to the main living area. The De Lux provides a contemporary Northwest sense of style as well as a modern, open concept and comes fully equipped with appliances.

The center (bridge) portion of the De Lux, which connects the two shipping containers and fully encloses the home, will need to be constructed on site after the shipping containers are placed and the high walls are installed. This portion of the build requires a local contractor or savvy homeowners.

As with all our units, The De Lux is Energy Trust compliant and solar ready. The roof can hold solar panels that provide 7 kw of power, which is enough to make this beauty a net-zero energy building.

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