De Lux River 45′

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

1443 sf (two 45’ containers plus site-built center bridge)

Available as a kit with two fully finished 45′ containers, plus upper structural walls

The Delux 45 is a larger version of the Delux 40, stretched out in all 4 directions. In addition to all of the amenities of the Delux 40, the loft is enlarged and a set of stairs are provided in order to covert it into a bedroom.

The center portion of the Delux, which connects the two shipping containers and fully encloses the home, will need to be constructed on site. Once we are done with the container build, the remaining site work can be done by a local contractor or savvy homeowners.

As with all our units, The De Lux is Energy Trust compliant and solar ready. The roof can hold solar panels that provide 7 kw of power, which is enough to make this beauty a net-zero energy building.

LEVEL 1: 1,238 sq. ft.

LOFT: 205 sq. ft.

TOTAL: 1,443 SQ FT.

Other Residential

More Info
model Carport 20' 160 square feet

More Info
model Carport 40' 320 square feet
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