Two-Story Container Home or ADU

Match Box 20/24

668 sq ft

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

Two-story container home made from four containers


Why We Love This Two-Story Container Home

A compact but spacious model, the Match Box 20/24 is a two-story container home consisting of four shipping containers. The first floor features an open-concept layout with a full kitchen, dining, and living area. The master suite fills the entire second floor and includes its own private balcony. You’ll notice that the second floor includes a 24’ container, which is 4’ longer than the other three containers that make up this home. This 24’ shipping container provides extra living space in the master bedroom.

Both the first and second floor balconies hang from the container doors, and the ceilings show the corrugated steel of the containers. The open side of the container features beautiful wood-siding and a large sliding door that complements the container steel. You won’t be able to find those unique features in a typical stick-built home.

If you’re looking for a two-story container home in Oregon or Washington, the Match Box 20/24 is the perfect fit. The generous windows and decks of this home makes it ideal as a container home ADU, a short-term rental house, or a full-time residence.

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Features - We pay attention to the details


We carefully consider the placement of our windows to allow natural lighting and airflow into our homes, while balancing privacy.


A combination of Corten Steel siding and marine grade paint on our container homes provides long-lasting strength and durability.


We use high-quality laminate flooring that is resistant to stains, scratches, and pets. With its authentic wood look, our floors balance beauty with durability.


Each of our homes are built to meet Energy Trust standards, including energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, and insulation that far exceeds code requirements.


Our high-quality finishes, including tiled showers and custom-built shelves, give our homes an elegant and modern feel.


We use top-notch finishes including elegant quartz countertops and brushed nickel fixtures, which complement the stainless-steel finish on our kitchen appliances.


Built-in storage and sliding barn-style doors make the most of available space.

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