Suite Spot River 40′ Virtual Tour

May 3, 2023

Watch as Carl Coffman, owner and founder of Relevant Buildings, explores the exciting possibilities of creating a stylish 1-bedroom, 1-bath ADU using shipping containers.


Thoughtful Design 

The Suite Spot River 40’ utilizes the compact nature of a shipping container to create a well-designed living space that maximizes every square foot. Think open floor plan, multifunctional areas, and creative storage solutions.  

Craft a cozy and inviting bedroom that serves as a peaceful retreat. This bathroom design balances functionality with aesthetics. We optimized this space with a modern shower, sleek fixtures, and a clever storage solution that helps to create a sense of openness in a small space. This home features an open-concept layout connecting the kitchen, dining, and living areas seamlessly for an open and airy feel.  

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