A condominium complex created out of containers is the future of community living via affordable homeownership.

When land is available, single-family residence designs with small footprints make sense as an ecologically mindful way of living. However, in urban areas, where land is scarce, we are generating ideas that reach higher. Shipping containers have been used to make all kind of esoteric shapes in architectural pursuits of the perfect ‘one-off’ design. Our goal is to standardize a container complex that provides low purchase costs and strong, modern structures. Plus, the additional natural insulation provided by stacking the units makes the homes supremely energy efficient.


The Nuts and Bolts

Our target price is $1,250 per month for these units, which includes all ownership costs (mortgage + land lease + HOA dues). Subscribe to our updates or check out our Press page to track our progress as we bring one of these projects to completion by 2019.

These 640-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bathroom units are a stacked version of The Suite Spot – City model. Each home comes fully equipped and sports a modern, open concept.

As with all our units, each home is Eco Trust compliant and solar ready. Floating awnings can hold solar panels that provide 7 kw of power, which is enough to make this beauty a net-zero energy building.

Photos of Our Condos


Multi-Family Home Made From Shipping Containers